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DEI Marking Legend



WWWW: Device Base Part Number, 4 numeric digits

S: Optional product variation code


-X: Package Code
   C- Ceramic DIP
   D - Ceramic Side Brazed DIP
   E - Ceramic Leadless Chip Carrier
   G - Pin Grid Array
   H - TO Can
   I - Die
   M - Plastic MLP, QFN, LPCC
   N- Plastic molded DIP
   P- PLCC
   S - SOIC
   U - J Lead Cerquad
   Q - QFP
   W - Side Brazed Ceramic SOIC

Y: Temperature Range Code
   C - 0 / 70oC
   D - -10 / +50oC
   I - -40 / +85oC
   E - -55 / +85oC
   A - -40 / +125oC
   M - -55 / +125oC
   K - -55/+105oC

Z: Process Flow Code

S - Standard (ie.: Cold sample test, AC sample test)
B - Burn In
U - Hi Rel Plastic upscreening
C - Custom Screening*

-C: Option Code

May be used to track customer options through the order entry system. One or more codes may be added to a part. Codes may be product specific:
   · A - Special Screening
   · B – Special Screening
   · G - Green or Pb-free option. **
   · R - 3182 10% Rout option
   · H - 3182_2 “special” version for select customer only
   · P - SnPb solder dip lead finish option

** The · G code is a standard product code used to denote Pb-free products. While some products are offered in both SnPb and Pb-free (-G) lead finish, others are offered with only Pb-free. In the latter case, DEI will accept orders for PNs with or without the –G suffix. In this case, there are two DEI PNs for the same product.


IC Packages:

Where space allows, the IC marking shall include:
· Full part number;
· Wafer lot code;
· Date code indicating Package assembly or test date in the format: "YYWW" with WW being the calendar Work Week
· For Pb free products (-G), the JEDEC lead finish code shall be marked on the package if room allows; preferably after the date code. The code may be marked with either the JEDEC symbol (circle around e#) or with normal text E#.

Pb-Free Cat Codes describe the Lead Finish and are defined in JESD 97:
- e1 - SnAgCu
- e2 - Sn alloy with no Bi or Zn
- e3 - Pure Sn
- e4 - Precious metal (NiPdAu or Au)
- e5 - SnZn, E6 - Contains Bi
- e7 - Low temp solder (<150 °C) contains In.

· Where device-marking area is limited, the 11/12-character identification may be
shortened to nine by truncating the DEI prefix to D.

In other cases, the three-character suffix or prefix may be located on a separate line from the Base PN. In either case, the product identification and order entry ID shall still consist of the full 11+ character part number; only the marking code is abbreviated.

Product that is up or down-screened to create a different temperature range or process flow version (suffix YZ code change) may be hand-marked as follows:

Temperature range up-screen:
-Mark part with blue ink dot.

Burn-in OR Burn-in + temperature up-screen:
-Mark part with a white dot or “B” if dark package.
-Mark the part with a black dot or “B” if gold lid package.

Electrical Characteristic up-screen:
-Mark part with a green dot

Electrical Characteristic down-screen:
-Mark part with a white dot (custom parts only)

Note: The customer’s quote and order confirmation shall document the up-screen or
down-screen marking. The packing container shall be marked with the up-screened
part number.

· Marking is optional for the (-C) customer option.
· The Pb-free code mark may be omitted on products that are only offered as Pb-free.

Packing Cartons:
· The packing container (box, bag, etc.) shall be labeled with the complete part number.
· The packing container of “-G” parts shall be marked with the Pb free “e#” code.

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