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Aerospace Semiconductors & Military Avionics Data Buses

For over 30 years, Device Engineering Incorporated has supported Military and Aerospace applications with ARINC-429 and other specialties IC's, such as Aerospace Semiconductors and Military Avionics Data Buses. Adherence to applicable RTCA DO-160 lightning standards assure longevity and mission-critical ruggedness with contemporary composite aircraft materials. DEI products reduce system Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) requirements. DEI is the right choice for long-term efficiency and reliability in your next Military/Aerospace or Avionics upgrade/design. Request a quote today on our aerospace semiconductors and military avionics data buses.

Decades of Experience

At DEI, we understand what a headache obsolescence presents. We aggressively strive to maintain Supply Chain continuity and minimize obsolescence. DEI has decades of experience mitigating fab closures, die shrinks, and process changes. DEI has partnered with the USA and global Fab partners that understand the need for the ongoing support of mature and trailing-edge processes, processes most other Fabs have long ago discontinued in favor of deep-submicron technologies. Contact us today to learn more about aerospace semiconductors and military avionics data buses.

Data Bus Communication

DEI's ARINC-429 Receivers, Line Drivers and Transceivers provide accurate data bus communication for:

New Silicon Carbide JFET Surge Blocking Modules safeguard equipment from lightning, power surges, and short circuits while reducing dependence upon large TVS diodes. Available infused and non-fused versions.  

LED Drivers to simplify the replacement of incandescent lamps, reducing power consumption and weight while emulating incandescent on/off characteristics. With LED's there's no possibility of broken or burned-out filaments, assuring optimal night-time and low-light visibility while reducing maintenance.

Discrete to Digital interface IC's: These devices accept either six or eight parallel inputs. Some models convert the parallel inputs to an SPI serial data stream and conform to ABD0100H (Airbus Directive). The entire line of Discrete to Digital products include RTCA DO-160D Level 3 lightning protection, assuring system longevity.

Legacy & Custom IC Design and Fabrication: With access to both USA and global foundry partners, DEI offers legacy IC design and fabrication services. This allows re-spins of discontinued products as well as fresh, new custom designs. In many cases, legacy processes offer a level of robustness not available with modern, deep sub-micron processes. Our experienced designers will handle your IC design requirements from Logic Synthesis to the IC Level Layout. DEI will coordinate Wafer fabrication and if needed, orchestrate device packaging, labeling, and testing in your choice of package.

  • Cockpit instruments
  • Engine controllers
  • Aircraft stores
  • Flight navigation
  • Actuators
  • Sensors
  • Cabin Lighting
  • Backlighting
  • Environmental control
  • Much more

Quality in Every Component

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